Monday, 31 October 2011

My First Blog!!

Well, here it is, my first Blog!

Blogging is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I thought that it would give me the perfect outlet to share my thoughts and experiences with anybody willing to read and also as a cathartic experience to get some thoughts straight in my own head. But first I’ve had to overcome some reservations about blogging

Firstly I’m worried that my skin isn’t quite thick enough to protect me from feeling bad about, and taking personally, the harsh comments I am bound to receive. I’m all for constructive criticism. However some of the comments on the wonderful blogs I have been reading are just plain nasty. But, I will tell myself that there are just people out there writing comments like that, and I will tell myself that their nasty comments are a reflection of themselves, and not of my blog, or of me.

I’m also worried about getting too caught up with numbers, statistics, ranks, scores and the like. I can get very caught up, even obsessed, by a current passion. I don’t want anything to get in the way of my most important job; looking after my children in the best way I can.

I am by no means a writer, but writing is always something I have always enjoyed. My father was (maybe still is?) a journalist and I wonder if it is buried somewhere deep in my the DNA. I’m trying to put any feeling of doubt about weather anybody will read my blog, or be interested in what I have to say, out of my head. I’m telling myself that this is just for me.

The thing that has finally convinced me to start my blog has been some of the wonderful bloggers that I have followed on Twitter. Since joining in July, I have been surprised and amazed at the level of friendship, encouragement and support shown by the bloggers for each other,. I have felt joy in my heart or tears running down my face (sometimes both at the same time) with the sheer emotion and raw power of some of the stories in these blogs. I have learnt that the bloging community is one in which I would like to contribute to and become a part of.

My twitter profile is this:

former scientist, cyclist, saxophonist. Currently, SAHM of 3 aka coach/manager/nutritionist/speech therapist/taxier/runner/gamer/masterchef (not!)/exhausted!

And, not surprisingly, that will just about sum up my blog as well. I would just love to share some of my previous experiences and lessons I have learnt being a SAHM with young children. In addition, now that my children are a little older I would love to share the continuing journey of my family with you. As I prepare to jump into the deep end; fasten your seatbelts…the ride is about to start!!

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