About Me

In order to understand where one is going it’s important to know about where one has come from. With that in mind, I have  been thinking about how to present some background of myself that doesn’t read like a resume! I have realized that I have lived my life so far as a succession of phases. Weather it is a personality attribute or flaw, I have been passionate about each phase to the extreme!

I grew–up in a country town in northern NSW and was very studious at school, but by far the overriding theme of my childhood was music. My mother (and now brother) is a music teacher and I was taught to play many instruments from a young age, finally specializing in the saxophone. There are not many experiences as exhilarating as participating in an successful orchestral performance or playing a principal role in a musical production. However, The most important lesson I leant was that anything is possible if it is broken down to small parts and practiced….even if it’s over and over and mind-numbingly over again, even when other kids get to watch TV or play sport J

When faced with the choice of continuing to study music or study science at university, I chose to study Science. I don’t ever regret that choice but wonder if rebellion had anything to do with it! I continued on with science gaining an honors degree in molecular biology and then a PhD in medical research. Instead of heading overseas like all my friends, I stayed in Australia (with my partner) and started a Postdoc on, of all things, Cane Toad Biological Control. Interestingly apart from persistence, the most valuable lessons from this phase came from the leadership training I undertook. Some of the concepts I leant such as earning respect from others, performance without reward or punishments, diversity, fairness and working as a team, I still draw on today.

Midway through my studies I took up cycling for fitness. This developed into an fully fledged obsession and after several early wins in local races (winning had be hooked!!),  I had made up my mind to see just how far I could go. I’ve always enjoyed sport but for the first time I was able to chose my own path….and I chose cycling. I enjoyed the training, the lifestyle, even the utter exhaustion I’d feel after my days of 6hrs training plus working full time. Unfortunately, a serious race accident put a halt to this phase and falling pregnant soon after the accident was the beginning of a brand new one!

This is the current phase of my life in which I have chosen to stay at home and look after my 3 most amazing children. Although, I have learnt and changed so much, the journey feels like it has just begun! My precious children have taught me more about myself then anything else. They have shown me how to love and be accepting unconditionally. They have taught me patience and self control. My journey with them has been the hardest thing I have ever done. But that, of course, comes with the greatest reward,,,,,,,