Friday, 30 March 2012

Starting Recreational Running: Years After an ACL Reconstruction

When I started running, I was having a lot of problems with pain in my knee where I had had a ACL reconstruction abut 7 years ago. I wanted to find out what others had experienced and found information about running, years after a reconstruction difficult to find. This is my experience and I hope it is helpful to someone wondering about the same thing.

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 I ruptured my Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL playing netball in a so called ‘fun’ mixed teams competition which was actually way more competitive and aggressive than it needed to be! Months after the initial injury, I found I was still unable to do many normal things. My knee was too unstable to walk on uneven surfaces. Bushwalking was impossible. Stairs caused lots of pain. I couldn't run or participate in any sport without pain or my knee giving way. Even stirring food whilst cooking would cause my knee to ‘jiggle’ and collapse.

I decided to have my ACL reconstructed. The surgeon used key-hole surgery to repair the ACL with tissue from under my knee.

Since the operation I have been able to do everything I could before the injury and I had almost forgotten all about it…until I started running.

After some runs, especially longer or faster runs my knee would feel very painful, a little swollen and just about always stiff. For a time, I even wondered if I wouldn’t be able to run because of my knee.

After doing a lot of reading around this topic I decided to try to do some exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee with the aim of helping to stabilize it. I had also read that the core muscles are also important to keep the knee tracking straight. unstable core  may lead to problems with the leg muscles compensating and damaging the knees.

Going to a gym was not practical for me at the time, so I started on my exercise program at home for 30 minutes a day. I started off with 2 legged squats, lunges, planks, crunches and lots of exercise ball work. I started very slowly and gradually increased the number of reps. I would stop as soon as I felt any discomfort in my knee.

I progressed to doing the squats and lunges holding 5kg  weights and  even managed one legged squats too! I now incorporate the lunges and squats into my warm-up routine for my runs.

I noticed that the core and leg exercises had an enormous impact on my running. I felt stronger and more upright when I ran. Most importantly to me, my knee doesn’t cause me much pain at all anymore. Sometimes after a long run it can feel a little stiff. But before,  I was limping after every run. I began to notice a real difference just two weeks into the exercise routine.

I came across this article in the Sydney Morning Herald* about sports injuries, particularly of the knee such as osteoarthritis and rupture of the ACL. The article suggests that leg strengthening exercises such as squats and lunges be incorporated into all sports as a strategy to prevent rupture of the ACL. The article states that  “Simple conditioning programs have been shown to lower the risk of this injury by as much as 60 per cent”. I think this is a very good idea. Currently my daughters (7 and 8) want to go for runs with me because they are 'training' for their school cross-country events. I make sure we all do a warm-up together with lunges and squats.

In my experience the leg strength exercises really helped prevent knee pain after my ACL reconstruction. It also appears, according to the SMH article, that similar exercises can help prevent ACL injury as well.

I hope this post can offer some useful information to looking at getting back into running after an ACL reconstruction. But it has just been my experience. Please check with a sports doctor, physiotherapist or a suitably qualified professional before recommencing running or embarking on a new exercise program.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I am NOT trying to fulfill my own ambitions through my children

In a previous post (here) I have written about allowing my daughter, Flash, to compete in an athletics carnival while she was sick. As I sometimes do, I shared this post on my personal Facebook page. I then received a very surprising comment on my FB page about that post. The comment came form an extended family member…the person who married my partners brother.....

I have deleted it now but it went something like this:

 I will visit her in hospital when she has collapsed from exhaustion exacerbated by illness.. 

Not only was this written on my FB page, but as her own status upstate was written

A family member is trying to live her own ambitions through her children. The rest of the family think so too but I’m the only one willing to say anything…..

I could write forever about how inappropriate, disrespectful and hurtful I found these comments. Specially since a non-private medium like face book was used.

This commenter does not even really know Flash or myself. She lives hundreds of kilometers away and she does not see my family apart from rare family gatherings, about once a year.

What affected me the most was her assumption that I was trying to realise my own dreams through my children. It appears that she believes that allowing Flash to participate when she is sick is to fulfill my own ambitions for sporting grandeur. There is no way I would ever, knowingly endanger the health or well being of my child. Flash did have a bad cold for those recent competitions but was still desperate and able to compete.

I feel like I shouldn’t  have to defend myself against such outrageous allegations. I will just say here that these allegations are categorically untrue!

If you knew Flash, you would know that the drive and motivation to train and compete is all hers. She may be just 8 years old but her dedication is all hers.

Perhaps this picture is worth 100 words 

It has me wondering if other parents of sporty children are accused of living their dreams through their children. I wonder if these accusations increase as the children become successful? I wonder if the same is said about the parents of Olympic athletes or does the effort made by the parent to get heir child to competitions become ‘heroic’ rather than ‘abusive’.

These comments have directly attacked my ability and authority as a mother to make decisions for my children.

Comments such as these are so hurtful because I have poured every thing I have into my job as the mother of my children. It is something I am fiercely proud of. What sort of mother would I be if  I did not provide the opportunities for my children to reach their potential… Weather it be sport or any other interest.

The decision to send Flash to the sports carnival was her parents….and us alone. Nobody has the right to question this decision.

I would love to shout to the world just how disrespectful and condescending I found those comments…or perhaps I just have J

However, I refuse to dwell on this attack on my parenting. Instead I am determined to be thankful….

I am so thankful to my amazing friends for their comments on FB and kind and encouraging texts.

I am also very glad that the school district swimming carnival was held on the day these comments were made. I was surrounded by other parents who patiently listed to me and offered words of support and encouragement.

My friends and parent colleagues know Flash and myself and they know there is no way I would, or could, ever force her into competition, They know that Flash is herself driven and enthusiastic. I am so thankful for this support.

Perhaps it is this SportyMummy blog that has created a perception that I only care about sport….but sport is what this blog is about! It is fair to say that at the moment sport plays a big role in our families life. But sport is certainly not the only thing in our lives. Please...If you do not like the SportyMummy Blog, then don't read it!!!

I would so love to know if any other parents of sporty children have been accused of putting their own desires for success above the welfare of their own children??

In all honesty, I expected this blog to generate comments such as those made here by my children’s Aunt. I believed that I was equipped to handle them. However, having the rug pulled out from underneath me by a ‘family member’…with other members of the family implicated as well….. the very people who are supposed to care and support my children and myself as actually stunned me!

Although I have received words of support and encouragement from my friends….I have never felt more alone on this SportyMummy journey…..

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A Birds-Eye View

My Mum and I took to the sky's over the Canberra on a gorgeous summer morning

Telstra Tower, with our shadow!

Parliament House

The National Museum


The Carillon

We celebrated our landing (and survival ;)) with the most delicious and decadent champagne breakfast...Bliss!!

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My Little Drummer Boys

Monday, 26 March 2012

Youth Sports Weekend: Courage Part 2

The inter-district Brophy Swimming meet

After a challenging day at the ACT little Athletics Championships on Saturday, Flash had a major swimming meet on Sunday.

The Brophy meet is a swimming competition where the two best swimmers in each age group from the swimming districts in Country NSW compete in a teams competition.

It is very exciting for Flash to be representing the 8 and under age group for the ACT in her first Brophy. She was very upset at the prospect of being too ill to participate. She woke on Sunday morning feeling a little better, so with tissues packed, we headed to the pool!

There was a really great atmosphere at the event. There were buses lined up at the front from all over NSW and all the swimmers were proudly wearing their team uniforms and in full voice!.

Flash swam really well in her individual 50m events winning a gold medal in her favorite event the 50m butterfly. She also received a silver in the breast stroke and a bronze in the backstroke and freestyle events.

However, it was the relay events that were the highlight of the meet. Flash was swimming with 3 of her swimming friends in the 9 and under relay. These 4 girls have met through swimming and most of the time, I have to say that they are in competition with one another. Having said that, though, there is absolutely no malice or ill feeling between the girls….even at this young age they understand that they push each other and support each other in a world of swimming that not many of their school friends understand.

The girls were so excited about the prospect of being in their first relay team together. They were chatting, laughing, hugging and hoping together.

Flash had been selected to swim the butterfly leg (3rd leg) of the medley relay and as the second swimmer reached the wall the girls were about 3 meters behind. To my absolute astonishment, Flash made up this distance in the butterfly leg and forged a lead of about 3m as well. Her split time for the swim was 44 .03 seconds…..about 3 seconds faster than she swan just hours before. Our last swimmer held the lead in a very, very, gutsy, and maddingly nail biting finish that had the whole pool cheering!!

In all honestly that single relay race has to be one of the highlights of my experience with youth sport to date. Watching the joy on my daughter’s face, and that of her teammates was just amazing.

I wrote in yesterdays post that in sport you need to take the good with the bad. Toady, I’m taking the good. I’m absolutely certain that that race will be remembered by those girls and their parents for a long, long time!

Sport is so much more than winning. Weather it’s youths sport, organized team sports or individual fitness and exercise. It’s about challenging yourself, finding out about your self. It’s about discovering how determination can be as important as your seed times. It’s about giving it your best shot, even if you know you are not in 100% condition. Even if you know you are not going to win. It’s about friendship and caring about the success and happiness of your team and the other members of that team…and not just your own happiness.

Sport is about finding the courage and strength within your self.

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Youth Sports Weekend: Courage

Part 1: ACT Little Athletics Championships

Well, they say there are two things in life for certain…death and taxes. It also appears that the other certainty is Flash getting sick the day before the most important sporting weekend of the year!

This Saturday was the day of the ACT Little Athletic Championships. Flash has waited for this day for the past 4 years of doing little athletics as this was the year she has FINALLY been old enough to participate. The athletics season has also been a very ‘sparse’ one because of the awful weather with two major carnivals cancelled. Flash has been itching to get onto that AIS track!

When Flash woke on Saturday morning, her face was so red and swollen, she looked distorted. I have honestly never seen her looking like that! She was running a temperature and had a sore throat. She needed to blow her nose 324 times and had an awful cough. I told her she could stay home if she wanted….However after all the training (and practicing putting on and off her spikes) she was determined to go. She was in tears at the prospect of missing the carnival!

It was a very difficult day for both Flash and for me. It was so hard for Flash because she normally does so well at athletics but she struggled in her events. It was hard also for me to watch her. Honestly, I just wanted to pick her up and take her home. But I was so proud of the effort she was putting in! She managed a 4th place in the 100m final and the 400m final.

But guess which event she still shone at?? The long jump! Flash managed to lead the competition until the very last of the 6 jumps when she was just out jumped! She was so happy to win a silver medal and stand on the winners podium!

Lauren Boden, an ACT athlete who as recently been selected to compete for Australia at the London Olympic games presented her with her medal and she was so happy!

I guess with sport you have to take the good days with the bad. Even the elite athletes must get sick occasionally too…and still compete. My daughter showed a great deal of guts and determination to compete on Saturday….she even asked me to stop telling people she was sick…she didn’t want anyone to know or use it for an excuse….and if you want to know what the best part of the day was…

… was this….

One of my aims for this little SportyMummy blog, is to develop a Youth Sports community where parents can support, encourage and motivate each other to support their children’s participation in youth sports. If your children have participated in a youth sport or an active pursuit this week-end, you can link up your post with the linky, found at the end of this post,  and share the fun!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Favourite Running Workout: The Fartlek

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Right up front I’d just like to say that, despite the title, this post does not have anything to do with pelvic floor muscles J

When I first began running I was just happy that I could actually run…1 km, then 5km, then 10km without stopping!! I didn’t really care how fast I was running until I entered my first fun run and that familiar competitive urge kicked in…not to win mind you. No, I’d never even entertain that notion…It was more like I was terrified that I’d finish dead last and my poor embarrassed kids would disown me!

After quite a lot of reading around the subject thanks to my addiction to running magazines and websites, I decided to try a Fartlek session. This is where, as you run along, you decide to torture yourself completely by choosing an object such as a tree, or light pole in the distance and try and run faster than you are currently running until you reach that object! It’s not sprinting…just opening up a little and increasing the pace. The distance can vary depending on how game you are feeling….I aimed for abut 200m or so at the beginning, increasing to about 500m now.

The first time I tried this it felt fantastic…I almost felt like a kid again to be stretching out and running faster…rather than my usual plodding!...that is until I finally reached my goal and slowed down again….I was sucking in that precious air so hard I thought my legs were going to burst!!

I have since worked my way up to doing 4 fartleks on my usual 5km running circuit. I do this fartlek session once a week in my training program. Sometime I wonder what the car drivers, on their mad rush to work in the morning think when they look at me over their juggled coffees, barely able to breath ….I wonder how far their fingers are away from dialing ‘000’on their iphones!

I really love doing this workout though. I love the feeling of running fast. I know that getting my heart rate up even higher, just for a little while has benefits for my fitness levels and my metabolism. I’m sure the sessions have paid off in that I know that I can run faster, at least for a shorter time. Sometimes I wonder if I keep increasing the number of fartleks, then I can string them all together and run really fast !! (OK, not really fast…but a bit faster anyway!).

There is no denying that they are hard work though! Sometimes I admit, I just lack the will power to complete them….and I find the best way for me, is to do them without thinking about it too much…because if I thought about it, I’d talk myself out of it!

I think these fartlek sessions should only be attempted once you have a solid base of  running to prevent injury. Also a little word of warning…although I did say this post was not about my pelvic floor, I lied. running faster (especially down hill) seems to be a bit of a ‘trigger’ for my muscles to stop working!! I find it’s best to run protected ;)

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thankful to Love where I Live!

Yesterday I posted about taking my little man to Questacon, A science museum/exhibition for kids. I have just been reading through the lovely comments that have been left on that that post (thank you J ) about how people love Questacon, or would like to go there and that got me thinking….

I feel really thankful that I live in Canberra.

I realise that Canberra cops an awful lot of flack from the rest of the country. It’s name has become annoyingly synonymous with the politicians who fly in and out for sittings of Parliament. I am the first to admit too being confounded by the city’s circular streets and befuddled by the monstrous (ugly) concrete buildings that dominate many parts of Canberra. It has been said that Canberra doesn't have a soul….and if you confine yourself to these areas than I guess this would be a fair assessment!

I admit that Canberra does not have the coastal scenic beauty of Sydney, or the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Melbourne, but I actually really like it here!

For a young family, Canberra is full of great places to visit. Some of my favorite places to visit with the children  are Questacon, Tidbinbilla Nature Park,  The National Museum, The National Botanic Gardens, The War Memorial, The National Art Gallery, The Portrait Gallery and Telstra Tower. Today, my daughter is at a school excursion at the National Zoo and Aquarium!

I love how Canberra has distinct seasons….I had never experienced the stunning colours and beauty of autumn until arriving in Canberra. The trees are just starting to turn at the moment! In Spring the blossoms are beautiful and the bulbs in Floriade, Canberra’s annual spring flower festival, every year are just spectacular!

...As for winter... I do remember having to attend 8am lectures at Uni after riding my bike in -8 degrees Celsius....When the cold room in the lab was warmer than the outside...I wondered how anyone could possibly live in a place like this…But you soon learn the value of central heating and thermal underwear!!

My other favorite part of living in Canberra is that it really is the Bush Capital. Wherever you are in Canberra you are very close to the bush. The nature parks are fantastic for walking and there is a comprehensive network of cycle paths. There are lots of interesting and well designed playgrounds I also love the beauty of Canberra’s lakes. I love to run, walk, cycle or scoot around them with the kids.

For me, a really important part of living in Canberra is the wonderful schools and the access to top sports training facilities like the Australian Institute of Sport, Swimming and gymnastics clubs, for the kids sport.

Personally, Some days I really miss the beach and the Rainforest.. I image what it would be like to live closer to the coast and I almost wish Canberra was located a little closer! I would also love to have a more rural lifestyle with more space….

But for all it’s faults and all its benefits I have to truly say that I am thankful to be living in Canberra and I am also thankful that I love where I live!

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Buster's Day at Questacon

This is Busters last year before he starts full time school (hopefully). I've decided to set aside time for the two of us to just be together and do something fun....not speech therapy, or specialist appointments, hearing assessments, watching the girls do their sport.....etc.

I really, really enjoyed taking him to Questacon (a science museum/exhibit for kids). The boffin in me is still there  and I had a great time using the terrific and fun props at Questacon to explore the world with my boy.....oh, and Buster had a great time too!!

....mission accomplished!!

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Monday, 19 March 2012

In Our Family…..A Secret Weapon for Teaching My Children

Today, I’d like to share with you a list of ‘rules’ I drew up for our family about four years ago. It is more than a simple list of rues though...I credit this chart as helping to manage my children's behavior, over the past four is my 'secret weapon'!

This list hangs, laminated, in several spots in out house…in the kids bedrooms, on the fridge, and on the front door, a convenient spot for time outs.

When friends come over they are often intrigued by this little poster. I am often asked where I got it from and if they can have a copy. The truth is that it came straight form my own head.,…

…..You see I have never wanted to use smacking with my kids and I have used time outs instead. I was finding though, that with the time outs, my kids (particularly my oldest daughter) would completely turn off her brain…wait for the timer to run out….utter a rudimentary ‘sorry’ and not really understand, or appreciate the reason behind the time out. If I tried to explain it to her then I’m sure all she heard was ….


Even though my children could not read at the time, I found it really helpful to point at the chart and read from it word for word the ‘rule’ they had broken. Perhaps it was the colour coding, or repetition of the exact same words, or the visual clue….but having this chart there seemed to help my children understand exactly what they had done wrong….. And more importantly why it was not acceptable.

Now that my children are older, and the girls can read…I get them to point out the rule they have broken. They have virtually memorized the chart!!

I think that kids really seem to understand rules. There are rules for most games and they are intrigued by things like road rules….even if they make up their own rules for games (which can change depending on the circumstance…or who is winning…) they still understand the importance of rules and why they should be followed. Having a list of concrete rules really seemed to help my children understand what behavior was appropriate at home.

One other reason the rules worked well in our house is that the adults were held accountable to them too! Us adults were also required to asked politely for things and say sorry if we did the wrong thing. I think seeing their parents follow the rules, set an example for the children to do the same thing.!

So here is the Poster…

In Our Family…….
1. We treat each other with kindness and respect
       -no name calling
       -no hitting or hurting anyone
       -we stop when we are asked nicely
       -we answer when we are spoken to nicely

2. We treat our house, furniture and belongings with care and respect.

3. We listen to each other.

4. We use quiet inside voices inside.

5. Children do what Mummy or Daddy asks the first time.

6. We speak nicely to each other and ask for things nicely by saying please and thank you.

7. We tell the truth

8. We say sorry if we have done the wrong thing

I realise that it is not perfect and it is oversimplified…but it really seems to work wonders in our house. I understand that every family is different and it will not work for everyone…but it did work for us!

Do you use ‘time out’ with your children? Do have any tactics that helped teach your children appropriate behavior?? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Youth Sports Weekend: Active Play at Home

When I first has the idea of a Youth Sports Weekend blog post, I envisaged it to me more than organized sport, but to celebrate and encourage an active lifestyle. So, today, I thought I’d share with you some of the ways  that help me maintain an active lifestyle for my children at home.

I have always enjoyed physical activity myself and this was something that I desperately wanted to share with my children. In the early days, before the girls stated school, physical activity was an absolute necessity. It was my strategy for surviving the long lonely days with the children…. Getting out of the house to go for a walk, a play in the playground, a bike ride or playing in the yard. Keeping my oldest daughter active (and tiered)  was seriously the only way I could manage her behavior and get her to sleep at night!

This is some of the equipment I have found indispensable for having an active lifestyle at home. I believe that encouraging active play at home has established the foundations for more organized sport. My kids have developed fitness, strength and perseverance through play. They have also developed essential skills of catching, hitting, kicking, balancing and many others…just though playing and having fun  in the back garden!


If I was to name the single best purchase I have made for my kids then it would be the trampoline! It has provided hours and hours of active play for my kids when they were smaller. Now it also serves as a practice mat for practicing gymnastics skills

Totem tennis

Our family just love this retro game! It’s great for practicing hand-eye coordination with out always chasing the ball!

Swing set

My kids have spent countless hours on the swing set. The swings are not just swings…they are a  climbing frame, obstacle course, a space ship and a submarine!.........

Bikes, scooters, rip sticks, rollerblades etc

My kids have gotten so much enjoyment from this equipment

Tyre swing....always good for smiles!!

How have you managed to keep the kids active at home?? What equipment or toys have you found the most useful or cost effective. I would love to hear  your suggestions in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. You can even add a Blog post to the linky tool at the end of the post.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Picture This: Things That Make Me Smile

That Awesome roller-deby'n blogger over at Edenland has asked us to share our recent favourite photos for this weeks Fresh Horses Brigade.

I thought that I'd show some pictures of things that make me smile

When I'm in Sydney, this shop-front always makes me smile :)

My new 'do'...getting my haircut always makes me feel happy! (note: not done at the same  salon as above photo!!)

After days and days and days of rain, the sun finally came out and so did this daisy

Lame, I know....but conquering the folding gives me a sense of achievement and put's a smile on my face!
These three crazy kids make me smile!

Watcing the kids play together nicely always makes me smile

I think Ken would be smiling too...don't you think :)

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Why I Love to Run!

A question I often get asked is “…why do you run?..” I guess pounding the pavement, exhausting myself, risking injury, waking at the crack of dawn, sometimes in the Canberra cold….it  does seem like an odd thing to do doesn’t it?!

Why I started running

Before I had kids a had a little experience with running when I took part in some triathlon and dualthon events at university…lets just say that I very quickly chose to take up cycling, running was just so hard! It felt like cycling up hill…all the time…even when running down hill!

After having children and not doing much exercise, I started running because my daughter wanted to train for her school cross country run. I remember the first time I went running with her she was loping along beside side me, chatting away. She asked me…

“…What’s that tree called Mummy?…Mummy??….mummy???...”

and all I could reply with was..

 “…too puffed…..can’t talk…”

After that experience, I decided that running would be a great way for me to exercise and burn some extra kilojoules for the weight loss efforts I was consumed by at the time. For me, running ticked all the boxes.

Because I so sucked at running, a 30min run was enough to absolutely exhaust me! Having been a competitive cyclist before having the children, I knew I would have had to ride my bike for hours to get the same effect and with three young children, I just didn’t have the time for that!

It suited my schedule to run early in the mornings when GrumpyDaddy was still at home to look after the kids. Usually I’d go before they even woke up!

I thought running would be cost effective because I didn’t need to pay for gym membership and equipment….little did I know how expensive running shoes, cloths and electronic gadgets were J

Nervous before my first 10k fun run!

Running now means a whole lot more to me than just a way to burn calories and lose weight.

I love running now for the example it sets for my kids! In my experience kids seem to copy the behavior of the important adults in their lives. They can see for them selves that I think physical activity is important because I do it myself! I even think they were a little proud of me when I finish the fun runs…even though I definitely don’t finish at the front of the pack! In a small way, I hope my running inspires my kids in their sports!

I also just love running for the sake of running! I love that I can get away from the kids for just a little while and have some time to think! There is something about the rhythm of running, or the stress on the body that seems to free up my mind. Sometimes I get so involved in a thought, I haven’t even noticed that I have run kilometers! I love to plan while I’m running…every thing from what to make for dinner, shopping lists, birthday parties, the kids activities…everything!

I also love how I feel after I run! Although it is probably just in my head I feel stronger, I feel like I have accomplished something that day! I remember the first time I ever ran 10km…I was exhausted but man I felt so good!! It was such a high!! Even though running uses energy I find that I seem to have much more energy for the rest of the day. I love running because I love the way that it makes me feel…..Fitter, stronger, and more energetic.

Are  you a runner? I’d love to know why you run?

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