What is Apraxia?

In Australia the condition is reffered to as 'Dispraxia'. In the USA it is reffered to as 'Apraxia' or 'childhood apraxia of speech'.

Wikipedia defines Dispraxia as “a motor learning difficulty that can affect planning of movements and co-ordination as a result of brain messages not being accurately transmitted to the body”.

By my understanding, apraxia seems to mean that the brain knows what it wants to say, but the message somehow gets lost on the way to your mouth....and ends up coming out the wrong way.

The most frustrating component of this condition is that is is so hard to learn correct speech. If I was to say "...no...say it like this...' then my apraxic children just continually repeat the same wrong sound over and over. They just can't seem to imitate the correct sound!

My 8 year old daughter Flash seems to clearly remember what it felt like to have Dispraxia. She has described to me what it feels like to have dispraxia she said

“ .....try talking while holding your tongue between your teeth, you think you are saying the right thing but it comes out the wrong way....”