Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday: KynderGym

Today I am presenting my blog post in pictures for Wordless Wednesday. I am linking up with the other wonderful posts at My Little Drummer Boys and at Faith Hope and a Whole Lotta Love.

My 4 year old son Buster is facing the challenge of speaking fluently, He is battling with Dispraxia (Chilhood Apraxia of Speech, see here).  Tomorrow he has his second appointment for further testing and evaluation.

I thought I would show you the joy that he gets from participating in the Gymnastics Austrlia KinderGym program. He doesn't need to talk to do gymnastics like the other kids at gym. You can see from the look on his face just how determined and how much pleasure he gets from this fantastic program. I would highly recommend the KinderGym program as it is great for building strength, coordination, confidence and self esteem. All my children have done this program and my 7 year old daughter, Muscles, is now in the National Gymnastis program here.

candle on the rings...almost...there

Made it!!


Hurry up and take the photo mum!

airborne on the vault

Merry Christmas

Presenting with his medal. Shy but proud!


  1. Lovely photos and a great memory preserved.

  2. Thank you Tamara!

    I just took a peek at your lovely blog.. I thought it was beautiful!

  3. Oh Hun, I so get this. My now 6 year old had a severe case of dyspraxia - we could not understand a word he was saying. Two years of intense therapy later and he just got an award at school for public speaking and he speaks beautifully.
    He still has OT as he also has motor dyspraxia and his writing is dreadful, but he is trying an that is all we can ask.
    You are completely doing the right thing with the sport and I bet yu and he were so proud of his medal.
    My little guy does Karate now and that has done wonders for his confidence and co-ordination.

    If you ever want to chat - feel free to contact me :) xx

  4. Thank you so much Sonia, It's so great to know that someone understands! My oldest daughter (8) went through this as well and I know (or hope) there is light on the other side of the therapy tunnel. I just wish my little man didn't need to go through it......