Friday, 11 May 2012

The All Star’s Athletics Carnival

I have written before about the ‘All Stars’; a fantastic group of teachers at my childrens School. The All Stars compete in sports carnivals and lunchtime sporting matches with the kids…..

Well, this week we had the schools athletics carnival and the All Stars were again in fine form. We arrived at the school oval  and I knew we were in for some fun. The All Stars were setting up for the carnival wearing bright red polyester tracksuits….with matching wide headbands….

The highlight of the carnival, and what all the kids and parents were waiting for was the All Stars Vs the year 5’s in the 400m race…the last race on the program.

The All Stars made quite a spectacle of themselves warming up with classic moves straight from a 1970’s b-grade movie. This sent the kids into fits of laughter and the mums cringing…..

The race was started and the All Stars were off and running with the kids…until they got to the first bend and low and behold, there was  a small push bike waiting beside the track. An All Star grabbed the bike and peddled furiously to catch up with his team mate who clumsily hitched a ride on the handle bars. The kids thought it was the funniest thing ‘evah’.

The All Stars than pretended to have a massive bike accident with exaggerated acting worthy of circus clowns! Before finally stumbling to the line in last place to the laughter, hoots and cheers form the delighted spectators.

I love that the All Stars make sport fun for the kids….sports events at the school are looked forward to with gusto!

For my girls Flash (9) and Muscles (7), the school sports carnival is a big day.  The girls compete in many, many carnivals during the little athletics season. However, both girls seemed more excited and nervous about the school races than the little athletics ones. I think that the school carnival is important to them because they get to compete in front of their friends.

….so if you are wondering how my girls went, then here goes…..(note: I’m not being deliberately boastful. I am keeping with the undertaking in this post to write about my children’s sport).

Muscles had a great day and ran her little heart out to win her first ever 800m race….and even managed to break the school record for the under 8s. She then went on to place 1st in the 100m and 70m sprint races.

Muscles finishing her first 800m...exhausted!

Flash had a very busy day…she competed in just about every single event! Flash won all of the running races, 800m, 400m 200m  and 70m. She set new school records in the 100m, high jump and long jump. Flash also placed 3rd in the discus and shot-put.

Flash fighting for the 70m win

I am very proud of my girls and their efforts….The girls really gave their all. I’d also just like to add that the girls are actually quite unassuming and humble about their achievements…..It’s just like another day in the office to them!

The school carnival is the first step in the ACT school sporting program, and they must place in the top three  to qualify. The Girls are now looking forward to representing their school at the district carnival.

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  1. Well done, girls!!
    I'm loving these All Stars too!
    :-) x