Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Time is Flying

When I was growing up, in Country NSW, I was heavily involved in the Town Brass Band. Now don’t laugh too hard…….

As teenagers all us band members were quite close with all the practicing and band ‘play-outs’ we attended. I remember that on Friday nights some older boys who held  that converted license, would drive us all over to the bigger town, music blaring, windows down. Here we were pigs in mud….There was a cinema, 10-pin bowling AND a roller-skating ring!!

When I look back on those days I smile with the memory of the freedom and joy, of hanging out with mates and having a great time. I also remember that many times the car would drive a little too fast…turns were taken a little  too hard to feed the giggles from the game of corners in the back seat…

Yesterday I just found out that one of those boys…now a married man, has died in a fiery head on car accident….on that very same road…

Although I have not seen this boy in 20 years, this has still come as quite a shock. I’m reminded how precious life is and how it can be changed in an instant.

I am so thankful for those times spent with my friends as a teenager. However, now I am a little older…and hopefully a little wiser, I am also thankful  that we all survived. I know that some teenagers on country roads do not….and looking back on those days I think it may have just been sheer luck that there was never a car coming the other way……

When my my oldest daughter, Flash was a baby, a girl in primary school would sometimes come over and play with her. My little girl just loved playing with her big-girl friend. This girl moved away not long after this photo was taken.

Baby Flash and her big-girl friend.....9 years ago.

…Yesterday, another neighbor told me that this girls 18th birthday was today….EIGHTEEN!!!

That photo must have been taken 9 years ago. I just can’t believe it!! It seems like only yesterday that she was the same age as my oldest daughter is now…but today she is an adult ……

The juxtaposition of these events yesterday, has really got me thinking about how short childhood really is….This week my girls were absolutely desperate for me to come and watch their school athletics, swimming carnivals and the zone cross country event tomorrow. You would think that these events would be ‘run of the mill’ by now….but they still really, really want their mum to come and watch…

….For this I am thankful…

 …Because yesterday, it has brought into sharp focus that in a few short years they will likely no longer want or need me at these events. They will be the girls giggling in the back of that car…….


Joining in with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday and for the first time with Cami at First Day of My Life. I'm so incredibly thankful that my kids still want me with them and I am going to enjoy every minute! What are you thankful for today?



  1. Oh Nicole, so sad to read of the car crash :( Devestating but am glad you have such joyful memories.

    The years just fly don't they?

    1. Thanks Kate; someone told me that time speeds up once the kids start I believe it!

  2. Such wonderful memories and definitely things to be thankful for Nicole.
    Love and hugs to you. x

  3. wow I can't believe they grow so fast. She was such a cute bubba btw :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks...I've been thinking about it a lot today. My mum was able to attend the funeral....

  5. Replies
    1. It just suddenly hit me how short it really is...thanks Laura!

  6. Life is so unexpected, that's why we gotta make the most of it and embrace every moment, right? Hugs.

    1. You are so right!! Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  7. Lovely post and so sorry about your friend. How quickly life seems to fly by these days...

    1. Life is just flying by...I look at my kids and can't believe that they were babies only a few years ago.

  8. Sometimes life sends us these reminders to just breathe it in.
    Time is our most precious commodity - and it can slip away so easily.
    :-) xx

  9. Lovely, thankful post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    So sorry about your friends - prayers & thoughts will be said for her, you, family/friends. Life is way too short :( Sigh. But it reminds us to enjoy every minute we are blessed with!
    But...anyways...I love the photo of Flash - looks like a happy baby!!
    Thank you for linking up to my Thankful Thursday <3 Hope you have a lovely day, despite sad news about your friend <3

  10. Your children will always need you. No matter what happens they always know where you are.