Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Day in the Life of a SportyMum Part 2: While the Girls are at School

*this seires of ‘a day in the life  posts’ are dedicated to by last boss. When I told him of my decision not to  return to work after my maternity leave, he simply replied “….so, what will you do all day??….”

I make a deal with  Buster that we need to do ‘our’ jobs first, and then I can play with him. So he ‘helps’ me get the dinner organized in the slow cooker and even helps put the washing in the machine and turn it on. So far he has never tired of pouring in the powder and pulling that big button!. I start cleaning up so I can vacuum, Buster gets bored and goes to make a mess play in the toy room.

I’m willing to admit here, that I’m not a good housewife and I absolutely suck at cleaning and housework. I just really hate it! I often feel resentful that I have a PhD, but spend my life scrubbing the toilet!!. OK I’m exaggerating here, but you get my point J….I am not house proud and I end-up doing the absolute minimum to keep the house clean and livable. To force  myself to do these jobs I have a roster of sorts for the housework. I have a particular job to do each day of the week. I find this works for me because I don’t have to think about what needs doing and eventually finding an excuse to procrastinate. I have learnt that I’ll start to feel about down on myself when things like the folding starts to pile-up as I feel like I’m letting everyone else down. So I find the best way is to just get it over with.

Bizarrely, I even  feel bad that I do the house work mostly when buster is about. I used to do all the housework when he napped, but he gave his nap away at the beginning of the year. I feel a little guilty in that I think that I should be spending more time with him. I admit that sometimes, even scrubbing the toilet seems more attractive than playing endless games of Thomas the Tank Engine….. But, I tell myself that he benefits by learning that jobs need to be done, which I think he seems to understand, and sometimes he needs to occupy himself….at least for a little while…

But soon, he is begging me to build him a marble run and then and play Skylanders, a wii game I’m a little disappointed with, as there is too much fighting. It’s then time to get us both ready for his swimming lessons…because we are both still in our pajamas!

I take him off to swimming, where I get a precious 30min to check twitter and email on my phone! Then as his weekly treat, we go to what he calls ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ for a happy meal, a play, and a coffee for mummy. Buster  likes to order and pay. Luckily, the lady knows our order by heart so she doesn’t need to understand anything but a nod from me! I have my coffee and skim through the paper while Buster plays in the playground. I love watching him play and interact with the other kids. On many occasions he seems to lead the play as he pretends to be a pirate, a space man or Ben10. The other kids seem to play along even though they must have trouble understanding him.

We get home and Buster is tired and has a rest by watching some TV. I rush around packing the bags for the afternoon activities. I try and remember all the bits….swimmers goggles, clothes, towels, leotards crocs, jumpers……. If anything is forgotten I will not be very popular! I also get afternoon tea organised and packed as they need to eat it in the car on the way to swimming. I remember that I haven’t had lunch and heat up some soup. I also chop up all the veggies for dinner later, pack the dishwasher and get it going.

The girls have their school assembly today, I don’t really feel like going as buster is tired. I also don’t really like going to the school much anymore….But, Muscles class is doing a performance she desperately wants me to see. I bundle a complaining and resistant Buster (“…stay home mummy…”) into the car and drive to the school, constantly poking him to keep him awake. They say it’s dangerous to drive with a mobile phone. luckily they can’t legislate against driving with a grumpy, demanding 4 year old…or less I’d never be able to drive anywhere!

I am glad I have come to the assembly, because this is the face that needs to see me there! The reason I have chosen to do what I do. Even though I sometimes think I am being the most useless mum ever, this smile is the reason I keep going, the reason I just don’t just pack it all in and give up......


  1. "Bizarrely, I even feel bad that I do the house work mostly when buster is about."

    I know how you feel. I also hate housework - love the mum thing, hate the housewife thing - and having my 18mo 'help' (hinder) makes it somewhat bearable. I also used to rush through chores while she napped, but came to realise she enjoys helping, and learns from it.

    That's what I tell myself, anyway.

  2. Oh, the house work can be so diheartening as well. You go to the effort to do it, then the kids come through like a tornado and you're back to square one! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves the 'mum' part, but hates the house work! It's got to be done though right??