Thursday, 17 November 2011

It’s My Party I’ll Dance If I Want To!

I have taken the title of this post from my son, Buster's (4) favorite song (Tonight, by Hot Chelle Rae). He was belting  out the chorus in the backseat today, not even caring that he couldn’t say the words!! I thought it was a great metaphor for the last two days…..

So, yesterday I was confronted in the parking-lot by one of the school mums (car park mum). She told me that I had to stop writing things on the internet. She said that my Blog was making me appear mentally unstable….(There seems to me to be an awful lot of Blogs on the internet. I’m wondering if she would class these authors as unstable also??).

For me, blogging is my voice. As a SAHM I often turn to social media for adult interaction during the sometimes, very long, and often lonely days. Reading about others experiences on their Blogs and on twitter has really made me feel less isolated and alone. Reading about others has also helped me support and validate my choice to be SAHM. Over the past two weeks I have had readers from all over the world look at MY Blog, MY thoughts and MY stories. Maybe some of these readers are struggling with issues of their own, maybe they are interested in what other sporting families get up to. Maybe there are some readers who are also dealing with apraxia and can take some solace in the fact they are not alone. Maybe some readers are dealing with passive aggressive bullies in the workplace or at school. Maybe some of the readers are also SAHMs looking to be part of a wider village of other carers who are also at home, with feelings of isolation, looking after children.

I have two main aims for my blog, My first aim  (regardless of its sport-centric focus) is to present reason, balance, humor and food for thought. If my experiences can make a reader think or help a reader out, or even show them that they are not alone on their journey, than I believe I am on my way to accomplishing my first aim.

Before commencing my blog, I researched the topic and read plenty of advice offered by other bloggers. One common piece of advice was to choose your blog topic and write something that you are passionate about. For me, choosing a topic was easy, because I am passionate about my children and sport. I came across other youth sports blogs before starting my own, so I knew that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way about kids and sport. There are also thousands of bloggers out there who write fervently abut their children, and I have  learnt so much from reading the stories of others. I am hoping that others may be able to learn from my experiences in my blog.

My second aim for my blog is to record the journey of my children’s participation in sport. For that reason I am relaying personal stories and feelings. These stories are a true and honest account of my life. If I appear unbalanced, then so be it! Perhaps it will make reading them more interesting!

I’d be lying if I said that I feel a little uncomfortable knowing that there are people out there who don’t like my blog, reading my blog. I have to say that in the dead of night I have contemplated giving this blog away altogether. But that feels like I am being told what to do by someone else. I have received advice from other bloggers to ignore the detractors. That’s exactly what I plan to do! These people are just a very, very tiny part of my story; Just a hurdle to jump for my blog and myself. I intend to continue to write  posts about my family and their journey to their dreams. So here it remains. My SportyMummy Blog in full and glorious defiance!! This is MY Blog, MY Story, MY voice!...MY party..Just watch me dance!!!


  1. wow!! I totally understand where you are coming from. When I wrote my original post about keeping my blog secret, it was because I am afraid of the negativity I would get from certain people in my family. That which I know would happen, as everytime I discuss something with them I'd like to do (including sewing) I get a negative comment back. My partner knows about my blog but has no need to read it. I don't think I have a friend I could share it with without them telling the world either. I am happy with my blog and for now its something that makes me happy and no one else in my family/friends need to know! Thanks for commenting on my post :)

  2. Thanks Yvette, you have made my day!!