Thursday, 12 April 2012

In The Parenting Deep-End

I feel like bit of a fraud…an imposer.

If you think back to when you were about 9 years old, in about year 3 at school, What did you think of your Mum and Dad? I thought my Mum and Dad knew everything and had everything under control. I was quite a good kid and I did what I was told and I desperately wanted to please my parents. I trusted without question that they were making the best and right decisions for me.

On Easter Monday my oldest daughter turned 9 years old. 9 years!! I was thinking “I have a 9 year old now….I must know what I’m doing right”??

But really, I feel like I don’t. I don’t know all the answers, sometimes I don’t even know what’s best and I struggle to make some of the really important decisions because I’m worried about making the wrong choice.

I don’t feel calm and in control like I imagined my parents to be when I was 9 years old…..

I wonder if other parent feel a little like this sometimes? Or is it just me trying to desperately tred water here in the parenting deep end!

But, in complete honesty, I can say that I do  my very best. I hope my children will look back on me as a parent and know that I gave 100% to do the right things by them.

…So my Big girl Flash, has turned 9!

She wanted an ice-skating party to celebrate her birthday with her friends. I think ice-skating is still mostly a novelty in Australia and most of the kids had never tried it before…In the beginning there was no way they were going to let go of that wall! but they had a fantastic time.

I got out on the ice too, with the mum of my daughters best friend, to help the kids out. But we ended up having a ball too. I can skate a little and I just love that sensation of sliding and flying along the ice….particularly if I’m dragging one of my daughters along with me!

I noticed the first signs of the kids really starting to grow up. Once they let go of the rail….they hung around in the center of the rink trying to show-off to each other, the girls were sticking ice down the boys jumpers and giggling at the boys over exaggerated shrieks and wiggles! Sometimes it feels like I’m watching her leave her childhood behind.

In another sign of growing up, Flash no longer wanted her mum to make her a cake. She really wanted her favorite treat, ice-cream! We got her an ice-cream cake from ‘cold rock’ and it was a hit! She chose her own flavors and the design and decorations. The ice-cream cake was a real highlight  of the party!

For her birthday, we gave her her first ‘big’ bike….no streamers, beads on the spokes, baskets or baby seats. It is complete with hand brake leavers and gears.

… girl is growing up….I just hope that myself and my parenting can keep up with her!!

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  1. Wow!
    Happy 9th Birthday, Flash.
    What a transition for you.
    I think you're doing it beautifully!
    :-) xx

  2. Thanks so much Shar! I can't quite believe I have a 9 year old *eeeek*

  3. I am just winging it too. I have 6 & 8 girls. I think we are doing pretty well but I don't feel like a 'real' mum. Maybe everyone feels like that. I took my girls Ice-skating recently and I had forgotten how slippery ice-skating is. So much fun though. Rachel x

    1. That's it! I don't feel like a 'real' mum! Thanks for understanding :)