Sunday, 1 April 2012

Youth Sports Weekend: Little Athletics Presentation

I admit here that this post seems quite difficult to write. My girls have had a successful athletics season but yet… in light of the events over the past week I am hesitant to write about it here. The words are coming very slowly and I’m overanalyzing every-sentence in fear of the way it could be interpreted or judged……But I am proud of my children. I am proud of the their achievements and the work they’ve put in. I have enjoyed the season too. I have enjoyed watching them run, jump throw and smile. I’ve really loved watching my girls and their friends work hard and improve.  I have also  really enjoyed the social interaction with the other parents.

So, I’m just going to write this post anyway. NOT because I am trying to live my dreams thorough my children…. I enjoy watching my children live their dreams!!

It really seems like summer is well and truly over, the leaves are turning yellow, daylight savings time is over for another year and it’s the end of the little athletics season.

Today our Little Athletics club had it’s annual presentation. The club is run by volunteers and the successful season is a real credit to their hard work....Thank you!

My daughters Flash (8) and Muscles (7) have really enjoyed their little athletics. They have made some fabulous friends and have been able to experience competing in carnivals all over Canberra. They have both worked hard and have made fabulous improvements.

The girls have had some great results this season too, with Muscles now holding four club records in the 50m, 70m, 100m and 200m events. Flash holds 2 club records in the 70m and the long-jump.

Flash has had a great season. I have written previously about how she overcame a confidence slump in her long-jump. This season Flash won a silver medal in the multi-event competition and a silver medal in the long jump in the ACT championships. Today, her season was finished off by being awarded the age champion trophy.

Muscles competes in the under 7 age group and at this age, she is ineligible to participate in any of the major ACT championship carnivals. But today she had her chance to shine!! Muscles was awarded the age championship trophy. In addition was also awarded the shield for club champion. She was so Happy!!

In a very proud mummy moment, Flash (who was club champion last year) was called upon to present the shield to this years winner…her sister…cue the happy tears from their proud mum J

 …, I think, it’s time to get the soccer boots out!

Have your children participated in a Youth Sports event this weekend?? Or perhaps you have been involved in  other activities as part of a active and healthy lifestyle. I would love to hear about it in the comments, or on my Facebook page. For the bloggers, you can even link up a blog post with the linky tool below. My aim is to grow a community that will motivate, encourage and support parents to get involved with Youth Sports and an active lifestyle.


  1. What precious moments (and achievements) for you all.
    Don't think twice about sharing your pride and joy.
    :-) xx

  2. Mate, you're writing a "SportyMummy" blog. If you didn't write about sports stuff your kids did, you would be guilty of false advertising ;) Besides, it's YOUR blog, write whatever you damn well want!

    On topic... Well done Flash! Well done Muscles! If my girls handed a trophy one to the other, I'd be having a sneaky cry too, guaranteed.

    1. Thanks so much for this fantastic comment! This is exactly what I needed to hear right now...thankyou :)

  3. Fantastic! What talented little ones you have. Certainly every reason to be a very proud Sporty Mummy!!