Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Family is Coming for Easter!!

After all the trouble I have been having with part of my extended family….Today I am so incredibly thankful for my own family!

My brother, his wife and my gorgeous niece and nephew  are making the long, long trip down to Canberra to spend the Easter weekend with us! My mum will also be arriving on Saturday!!

We have a small house set among the yellow, red and orange leaves of Easter in Canberra…and there will be absolute and utter chaos…but that’s OK! In fact the chaos is all part of the fun and what I’m longing for!

I’m thankful that my brother and I both just love to cook so there’ll definitely be some fun and food in the kitchen this Easter...time for the platters and platter of food to weigh down the table!!! I have great plans for sharing the smell of my home-made hot cross buns and my yummy comforting lamb shanks. They complement the early autumn Canberra chill….I think some baked fish with lots of fresh herbs is definitely on the cards for good Friday…..and I’m so looking forward to a relaxing family BBQ on Easter day! There is no better excuse to cook an awesome chocolate cake than having the family over for Easter!!

I’m thankful that we will have no sporting commitments over the long week-end and we can just relax and just enjoy our family..

I’m looking forward to showing my niece and nephew some of the fun places we have discovered in Canberra. ‘Questacon’ and ‘Tunz’a Fun’ here we come!!….The trampoline, bikes and the wii will certainly get a work-out. Perhaps  I should warn the neighbors!

The Easter egg hunt is going to be epic this year!

The last time the cousins were together for Easter!

Must most of all I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the chaos That is one of the best parts of my family. I can just relax, be who I am and have a great time just talking, laughing, picking on my little brother and just hanging out.

Today, I’m just thankful for my crazy, spontaneous family! A dose of my own family is just what I need!

Toady I'm sharing over at one of my favorite blogs: Kate Says Stuff. Kate's awesome blog has made the Kidspot best 50 Australian blogs....You can vote for her blog (and the other great blogs) while you're there!!


  1. I'm thankful I won't have to see my family for Easter! How terrible is that!

    Seriously though, it sounds like a whole bunch of good chaotic fun, and I now feel like chocolate cake.

  2. I am horrified that someone who barely knows you would pass such judgmental remarks about you so publicly.

    The time with your family will more than make up for it. They sound like a great bunch!

  3. How wonderful to hear! Have an awesome Easter Nicole! Love to you all! x

  4. Sounds like an Easter to look forward to Nicole! Hope it's a brilliant one for all of you. xx

  5. Sounds awesome.
    Enjoy every bit of it - the kids sure will.
    :-) xx

  6. Sounds like so much fun! I'm actually looking forward to a nice quiet Easter - how boring of me! You are making me miss the siblings I won't get to see though, one of which is in Canberra! Hope you have a fabulous crazy noisy time together.

  7. Sounds like so much fun. I am looking forward to a quiet easter myself, although you are missing the siblings I won't get to see. Have a crazy, loud, fun-filled easter.

  8. How wonderful to have family with you. I bet it will be a lot of fun.

  9. Sounds like a perfect Easter!

  10. Oops sent too soon! Wanted to say have a fantastic weekend, and Thankyou for sharing my blog too :) xox