Saturday, 7 January 2012

Photography Blogs

I've always been interested in and appreciate photography. Unfortunately due to lack of talent, training and equipment I’ve been mostly producing happy snaps of my kids. J

Since I have begun blogging I have discovered some extremely talented photographers and I have thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by their beautiful photography. In particular the Wordless Wednesday meme has been instrumental in opening up the word of photography blogs to me.

Some of my favourite blogs to drool over are:

Faith, Hope and a Whole Lotta Love

I know there are many more amazing Blogs out there…please let me know if you have some suggestions and recommendations. I’d love to hear them!

As I’ve been perusing the photography blogs I have begun to look at the world in more detail. I’ve found myself looking at objects and scenery, looking inquisitively at the light, the colour and the shadows and thinking….’that might make a nice photo!”

This is my attempt at trying to capture this beautiful spot on the North Coast not far from where my mum lives. I really tried to capture the peacefulness by showing the reflections of the boats on the water.

I have also come across this plant in the garden and I think it would also make for an interesting piece of photography.

I just love that the photography blogs have inspired me to look at the world in a whole new light...

….or maybe it had more to do with my brother’s home brewed ginger beer, which I now suspect may actually be a little bit alcoholic! I suspect this because I have walked passed this plant many, many times. I only noticed it was ‘photo worthy’ after drinking that ginger beer!!


  1. I'm a prime example that you don't have to necessarily have the associated skills in order to love something. I love photos and photography too.

    I'm useless - but my friend Louise definitely is not.
    She is a blogger/photographer.
    I highly recommend a vist to Sunny + Scout photography over at

  2. Thanks Shar, I'll definitely check that one out! And I love looking at your photos!

  3. wow! my sister got the talent in this dept..her pictures are so fun to look at, that she too opened up a whole new world to me! pictures can tell a story!

  4. So beautiful. Looks like the town across the river from where we were holidaying (although it may not be).

    Your photos are beautiful!