Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Thankful Thursday: Cousins!

There is something really special about cousins. Perhaps it is the deep genetic link that comes from sharing grandparents. Perhaps it is the of similar upbringing that could only be possible from families that share grandparents…..even if the families live 1500km away!

My children have a wonderful time when they get to play with their cousins. Luckily the kids are very close in age and there is such joy when they get to be together. Weather it is catching waves at the beach, bushwalking in the rainforest, giving each other ‘make-overs’ or simply hiding away from their parents in cubby houses or bedrooms.

Today, as I walked passed the bedroom (being naughty and lingering a little longer than strictly necessary…) I happened to catch some conversation between the cousins. They were exchanging stories about how mean their parents were!! I found it so hard not to laugh at their ‘serious’ indignant tone and their reactions to the perceived injustices imposed on them by their ‘mean’ parents….like having a bed time AND screen time!...Those poor kids!

 I couldn’t help imagining a fast-forward to the teenage years where I can see how healthy it would be to vent to other kids that have similar experiences and can really understand and ‘sympathise’….I wonder if they will be having similar problems with their parents?

So, Today I am thankful for my family and especially for my children’s cousins. As we are still on our holiday I thought I would share some photos that show the fun and the bond that my children have with their cousins.

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  1. That's gorgeous - and hilarious.
    You mean Mum!!
    It's a fantastic thing to have growing up - that unique bond with cousins.

  2. Thanks, it is special to watch that bond between cousins. Sometimes I wish that they got to see eachother more than once a year!

  3. I never had any cousins growing up and have always felt like I missed out on something. September saw the first cousin be born with the second due any day.

  4. my oldest cousin is 13, so my sister and I felt we missed out a bit too. My daughter has a cousin 4 months younger and I think sometimes she wishes she didn't have to share everything with her! They love eachother dearly though of course. I'm sure they tell eachother how mean I am even at this young age (not even 2).