Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Sporty Weekend!

This weekend I have traveled to two youth sports carnivals. As I sit here typing I am exhausted! ….I am a little dehydrated, I have sore muscles and I’m a little bit sun burnt….Red hair is not the best asset to have during outdoor, summer sports carnivals, I can tell you! I am dog-tired…even though I didn’t actually compete……..

Well, actually I did sprint run between the girls events with camera and water bottles in hand and 4 year old on hip, so that I didn’t miss any medal presentations, water breaks or personal bests.

...and it was so worth it!!....

The highlight of the Little Athletics carnival on Sunday, was the toddler race! Buster (4), for the first time ever..... lined up at the starting line for his 30 seconds of glory. He fell over, just as he was getting started, but he picked himself on up and kept running….no tears!!  My favorite part however, was the way he looked at me as he ran past…..’sniff’….my boy!

The girls had a great day at the carnival too. Flash (8), ran a gutsy 800m race to come 3rd in the under 10 age group. She was so proud of herself!! even if she was a little dwarfed on the medal podium.

It may not have been a gold, but she was so proud of her self for racing in the 10 year 800m and finishing 3rd!!

Flash also won three gold medals and 1 silver in her other events (100m, hurdles, 400m and long-jump) in her age group. I was delighted that Flash’s little friend from our athletics club won a gold medal in the long-jump. She was trying so hard and  I was just as happy for her as I was for my own children!

My younger daughter Muscles (7) also had a terrific day winning three gold medals in tightly contested races! The hurdles, 100m and 200m.

On Saturday, Flash had a Swimming carnival, her first in an outdoor poor (yes, I think we are a bit spoilt in Canberra!). Flash had an awesome carnival finishing with 2 freestyle PBs and 1st places  in the 100m and 50m. She won 1st place in 50m butterfly….just , in an extremely tight race….I can say that she just might be a tad competitive ;). Flash also got a 2nd for 50m breaststroke and a 3rd for 50m backstroke.

We had a really wonderful week-end full of sport and fun! Now, if you’ll excuse me kids, you’ll have to look after yourself for a little while…..I really need to go and have a lie down……………..

Oh, I'm linking up today with the Wonderful Sonia, at life, love and hiccups for Wonderful Weekends! Come and see what others got up to this Wonderful Weekend!

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  1. My goodness! What a bunch of champions you have there. I need a lie down from just reading about it all!

    1. Thanks Nee...we are all having bit of a rest day today!

  2. I knew as soon as I saw your post I didn't want to read it.. because I am exhausted already and knew that you would be out in that wide world cheering on your gorgeous kids as they run, skip and jump through the weekend!!!

    And I was right.. I am more exhausted.. haha

    But your lil man is such a cutie!!! Love the video!! And congrats to the girls!! :)

  3. Thanks for reading Yvette! the toddler race was so cute!! the whole carnival stopped to watch!

  4. That is exhausting - and pretty fabulous.
    Congratulations to you all.

    1. Thanks Shar! It was a big weekend...I don't know how we'll fit school in :)

  5. Thanks Laura, a podium place.... and she was very happy about it too!

  6. wow you girls are so sporty - good one them, you must be so proud. An how gorgeous your little guy did the run. i love watching their face as they watch us for approval. Always tears me up :) Thanks for linking up :) xx

  7. What a fun day! I love to see their faces when they've won something for all their hard work.